The Versatility of Short Weaves

Most people associate hair weaves with adding length to natural hair, but short weaves are also available. They are also quite versatile. Short lengths can be used to add waves or curls to a shorter style, but can also be used to add fullness to just the crown of the hair. If people usually wear their hair pulled back, or up in a bun or ponytail, a short weave can bring height to the top of the head. It is also great for covering up thinning hair. Most hair thinning begins at the very front of the scalp, so a short weave, or even extensions for bangs, can disguise hair loss. Balding patches in the back can also be covered up with a short weave.

People with naturally fine hair find that a short style often lays flat to the head. A weave can add body to look and still be low maintenance. A short weave will be less likely to tangle than longer weaves, although sleeping with it in a satin cap can prevent tangling altogether. Purchasing bundles for shorter styles is more cost-effective than bundles for long styles. Hair is more expensive the longer the length is, so shorter hair is cheaper. Many curly styles are easier to handle in a shorter length. It takes less time and curl definer products to maintain the bounce of the curls. Waves, on the other hand, may be more difficult to sustain in short lengths, so selecting a straight or curly style for shorter weaves may be a smart decision.

Peruvian hair is naturally full and requires less bundles at all lengths, so considering this type for a short weave will save customers even more money. A short weave is a great option for a professional style. It takes less time to style, so it fits a hectic lifestyle perfectly. During the week, it can be left wavy or curly for an elegant presentation. The hair can then be straightened for a sleek and sexy short bob for the weekend. Regardless of how it is styled, a short weave is cost-effective, easy to maintain, and works well for women at any age.

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